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"Please call Sally Keith-Knepp for any of your massage needs or back care issues. She worked wonders on my back today.  I was amazed.  She came in and I was one leg and hip shorter.  She left and I was equal on both sides.  Not to mention feeling so much less pain.  Wish I had been doing regular massage therapy before this back surgery.  Betcha I do after I get back on my feet. Taking care of yourself isn't a luxury.  Thank you Sally!"

Linda B. (One week prior to lumbar spine surgery)

"A warm and lovely woman welcomed me with a big smile.  The massage was very good and I feel wonderful.  Hot towels topped off the end of a relaxing and healing experience.  Highly recommended."

Kathie S.

Another fabulous massage tonight by Sally Keith-Knepp.  You have to experience this for yourself.  Visit Knepp Massage Solutions.  You will love it!

Teresa M.

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